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If anyone is looking for pet names

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Finding a Leaf in Your Girlfriends Hair
Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures
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This just came on shuffle and for some reason I’m now really emotional, gosh I’m a wreck of a man

Lullatone - Finding a Leaf in Your Girlfriends Hair

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Lazy Afternoons
Yoko Shimomura
Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete
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Phoenix Wright wrote a book.

first i just saw the title and comment and i laughed but then i saw the author’s last name and, my god


Chapter Five
Cross-examining the Parrot: Thinking Outside the Bounds of Sanity

The best part is this is an actual book.


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I played this game a year ago and boy let me tell you I love it
currently watching Markiplier’s LP of it

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growing up

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  • Me:*has 5 video games I started to play but never beat*
  • Me:*plays a game I've beaten 4 times*
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    Porco Rosso - Scenery

    <3 <3 <3

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    Hey guys! I recently hit 6k and wanted to celebrate everyone’s support! 

    WINNERS: There will be 1! Chosen by random using number generator

    • Ships from US, to anywhere! So international folks are welcome to join :)

    PRIZES: Any 5 phone charms (the ds is mine askldjf haha), that I’ve made C: You can see all the ones that I’ve done H E R E


    • No use of giveaway blogs please!
    • Only reblogs count towards an entry!
    • You don’t need to follow, but the winner will get to pick a 6th charm if they are! 

    ENDS:  Like last year, the giveaway will end August 4th! 2014 (my birthday!! hehe)

    • Winners will be contacted on Aug 5th, and will have a 24hr window to respond. So keep those ask boxes open! C: 
    • Everything will ship out by Aug 9th~

    That’s it I think! Let me know if there’s any questions— until then, I’ll be working mostly.. wish there was more time to hang out here

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    Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that my book, Still Turns, is now available for preorder. Information is as follows:

    • Original illustrations only; features work collected over 2013–2014 along with a few unposted pieces drawn for the book
    • A5 size (roughly 6×9″)
    • Full colour & perfect bound
    • 56 pages in total (not incl. cover) with 42 pages of illustrations

    Please note that as this is a preorder books will not ship immediately. Orders placed during this period are scheduled to begin shipping from early to mid September. Once orders begin shipping I will make a post on this blog regarding delivery expectations. If there is an unexpected delay, I will also make a post.

    This preorder period will last from now until the 15th of August, AEST.

    For those attending Sydney SMASH! 2014, Still Turns will be available for purchase on both days (the 9th + 10th of August) at my table in the Artists’ Circle. There will be a separate post with relevant information later. If you would like to reserve a copy for pick-up & pay at SMASH!, please do NOT place an order through Storenvy and instead fill out this form.

    Regular orders for any remaining stock will be open later this year or early next year.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has shared in my excitement for this book!


    !!!!!! I DIDN’T!! SEE THIS!! TIL NOW!!

    I love Loika’s art s much, I’m just super glad to get my hands on a book from her!! I’m so excited!!!